It all happened when I turned the "BIG 3-0"...

I've ALWAYS loved gloss and adored a lil color from time to time.  However, after using SO MANY different glosses and lipsticks, I think over time, the various different products began to reap havoc on my actual lips!  In an effort to keep my lips from chaffing and chapping, I started using the 6-8hr glosses.  I had never had a problem with my lips being soft before(... ;) However, when I hit my 3o's, it was like my lips went through puberty!  They started to get very dry, and would often peel and burn from the cracking and dryness.  

GLARE Organics Body Co.

from a need, to a reality...

...from Lip Balm Queen to "Organic Connoisseuer"

                                                                                Using EXPENSIVE 6-8hr glosses and lip tints from "Trusted Brands" just made matters worst!​  I was on a desperate search for ANYTHING to heal my lips!! (so long as it was shiny and glossy!)  So I researched a few natural and organic ways to heal my poor OVER-GLOSS'd lips and came up with my very own remedy using ALL NATURAL, ORGANIC, RAW butters and oils that not only healed my lips...but Maximized Moisture, brought back my soft supple lips, and kept ya girl #soGLOSSY Lol!  NATURALLY A GLOSSY GIRL's DREAM COME TRUE!  I was hooked! Although I had only done the research for myself, I started to to get compliments and my friends would ask me what I was using when they saw me pull out my "homemade remedies".  I began making batches for them, and experimenting with other things.  My friends would say, "If you ever start making stuff for my skin and hair...LET ME KNOW!"  It took three years to get the formula just right, but we eventually relaunched at the top of 2016!  We grew up as a company, just as I matured as a woman!  I came to see that there were other men and women (Yes! Men loved my beard balms!!) with similar needs as my own, and so what started as a neccessity/turned hobby, became a small business.  In 2013, I started callimg my natural creations, "So Glossy by GIEL" aka #SOGLOSSY Ltd.   I know that my popularity as a musical artist really helped to grow my clientele, but the growth was just as organic as my products.  Word of mouth and pop up shops helped to get the word out about this home-grown hobby turned business.  I began to realize that my natural needs went beyond my lips, began creating other natural vegetarian/vegan-based formulas for my hair and skin.  Finally, GLARE Organics Body Company was born!  


At the end of the day, there are hundresds of "natural" products out in the market now.  I mean, even the larger companies have began to reformulate their products to cater to the health conscious naturalista's of the world these days.  For them, its always been about the $$$.  But I have only ever wanted and needed natural products that what worked for me and my lifestyle.  Helping others find organic products that aid in their own healthy hair and skin regimines has been such an amazing bonus!  I've learned in my busy life that less is best! GLARE Organics manged to give me both a purpose to help others by providing quality organic ingredients, concentrated to last, so you use less.  Reuseable containers that limits waste and best of all, you don't have to use LOADS of product in your hair or skin.  It's universal to naural hair & skin care for the whole body that is totally travel-friendly!  Like our motto says, "GLARE Organics Body Company gives you a natural GLARE, for #GLARING Beauty #OnTheGO!

...keep Glaring!


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